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Pye Associates - Thames Tideway Tunnel

Thames Tideway Tunnel

The London sewer system was constructed about 150 years ago and is no longer fit for purpose. In 2002 the British Government decided to design and construct a new system of tunnels beneath the roads and present sewer systems, beneath the London Underground, even beneath the River Thames to connect with the existing overflows located along the river banks and take the sewage to treatment farms 15 miles away at the river estuary.
It involved creating a central shaft sited not far from Westminster, 35m in diameter and 86m deep and lining it with reinforced concrete. This became the main sewer shaft at the base of which 7.2m diameter tunnels were bored in both East and West directions to link further, smaller shafts to create a new sewer system. 
The whole project is estimated to cost in the region of £4.2bn and is due to be completed by 2023. 
Excavating down through various London substrata is challenging and requires some of the world’s largest specialist machinery. Together with a vast tonnage of reinforced steel and concrete the Thames Tideway Tunnel is currently one of the largest civil engineering projects in the UK.


Arbitration - Domestic


Michael has been appointed numerous times since 2001 as adjudicator to decide
disputes under JCT, NEC3, FIDIC, PFI, NFDC contracts as well as bespoke
agreements between parties.
The substance of disputes decided upon includes interim and final account payment applications,
variations, extension of time applications (common sense approach as well as critical path analysis approach),
breaches of contract including repudiatory breach and termination disputes.

Public Utility Contractor v Metropolitan Borough Council
Main Contractor v Sub-Contractor
Sub-Contractor v Main Contractor
Demolition Contractor v University College
Services Contractor v Public Utility Company
Contractor v National Housing Standards and Warranty Provider
Contractor v Developer
Developer v Contractor
Civil Engineering Roads & Sewers Contractor v Housing Contractor
Contractor v Homeowner
Homeowner v Contractor


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