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Party Representation

Since the year 2000 Pye Associates has represented parties in both bringing and defending claims through the process of arbitration as well as adjudication. Following the Construction Act in 1996 the UK construction industry has taken a liking to adjudication as the preferred method of resolution to resolve parties’ disputes. Quite simply, this is because it’s cheaper and quicker than either arbitration or litigation. And the parties pay their own legal costs. On the downside, because of the speed of the process it is often criticised as being rough justice that can leave an aggrieved party dissatisfied.
Therefore, the importance of putting a party’s case and answering that of its opponent in the most favourable and persuasive way is key to success. Pye Associates has the benefit of not only its considerable practical experience of construction, be it steel, concrete, groundworks or delays, but also of maximising the potential for success with its knowledge of the dispute process and how best to present a party’s case.

Pye Associates will be pleased to give a party a one-hour’s free consultation upon application.


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